CREATE TABLE `student` (
  `student_id` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `student_name` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
  `class_id` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
  `gender` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
  `birth_day` date DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`student_id`)


set character_set_results=gb2312;


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  1. The road seemed to stretch on endlessly before us, but Alexis assured me that our journey was near an end. We’d turn before long into thick woods and travel through narrow, winding roads until we reached her family’s cabin. I had no choice but to trust her as GPS had given out nearly 20 minutes ago.

    “There’s good wifi and okay reception at the cabin,” she’d told me, “but you can’t get there unless you know the way.”

    So here I was, driving alone in the middle of god knows where with a girl who was my student just a couple of weeks ago. Her and her four best friends had been together from first grade all the way through high school and now they had graduated with very different futures ahead of them. They had decided to kick off “the best summer ever” with a week long stay at Alexis’s family cabin. Alexis and I were heading up before everyone else, the four other girls and four guys.

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